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ginger rye

The Ginger Rye

The Ginger Rye — and where it came from… Did you know that the Ginger Ale you know and love is drastically different from the original recipe developed in the mid 19th century? No one knows the exact origin of ginger ale, but best estimates say that it was developed in Western Europe in the…

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Stevie P

The ‘Stevie P’

Sugar, spice, and everything nice — to drink! If you’ve ever substituted allspice for cinnamon in your apple pie, you know how drastically a dash of flavor can change a dish. Any good cocktail is made up of 2 or 3 primary ingredients; alcohol plus something sweet (think simple syrup, or fortified wine) is the…

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Manhattan cocktail

The Manhattan Project

The secret double life of a classic cocktail is revealed and it’s the bomb! Traditionalists insist that a Manhattan is made with American rye whiskey. But we know there is more to this story because in Louisville we make Manhattans with Bourbon or Canadian whisky. Because the Manhattan has so many variations, we often ask bartenders to make us their creative version…

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