Whisky Chicks® Holiday Picks

Nothing says Happy Holidays better than sharing a delicious dram with the people you love. For the last minute shopper, here are our favorite gifts that will please any Whisky Chick or dude with deliveries in time for the Holidays.

Must-Read List

  1. Proof: The Science of Booze by Adam Rogers $10.32
    From fermentation to distillation and aging, this book is fascinating, funny and a blast to read. Hands down my favorite boozy novel, Rogers explores and breaks down the complexities of making distilled spirits.
  2. The Manhattan Cocktail: A Modern Guide to the Whiskey Classic by Albert Schmid $12.34
    Schmid proves how the ever-so-classy Manhattan is full of lore and appreciated by mixologists worldwide as he dives into the culture, people, places and recipes that influenced this drink of choice. My favorite part was how Schmid breaks down the fascinating tales of the Manhattan.
  3. Bourbon Curious: A Simple Tasting Guide for the Savvy Drinker by Fred Minnick $15.46 or Signed Copy
    Written by Louisville’s famed novelist (Fred Minnick), this is the perfect guide for anyone interested in learning more about bourbon. My favorite part, access to Minnick’s tasting notes that include mashbill, grain selection/source, barrel proof, aging, filtration and more.


Whiskeys for the Soul 

  1. Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey $28
    With four delicious flavors to chose from, Ballotin Whiskeys are the perfect holiday treat. Packed with full flavor and a pleasantly smooth finish, each Whiskey represents your favorite chocolate truffle. Great mixed in with champagne too!
  2. Barton 1792 Port Finished Bourbon $40
    This is a must try for the softer bourbon palate. Well-balanced with bright fruit, toasted sweetness and a smooth, silky finish. Aged for 6 years before transferring over to port casks for an additional 2 more years, this bourbon has a surprisingly creamy finish for the being only 88.9 proof.
  3. Whistle Pig Old World Rye Whiskey $135
    I am a big fan of unique cask finished whisky and this is my absolute favorite. Aged for a minimum of 12 years, the straight Rye Whiskey is finished in 3 separated casks with 63% in spent Madeira casks, 30% in spent Sauternes casks and 7% in spent Port casks. A predominantly rye mash bill, this whiskey is intended to engage the full palate and is incredible from start to finish.


The Art of the Glass

  1. Standard Glencairn Glass $12
    Originally designed by Raymond Davidson, this glass was created to enjoy the nose of the whisky as well as the palate.
  2. Whisky Chicks Glencairn Mixer Glass $15
    Larger than the original Glencairn, these glasses have plenty of room to add ice or stones.
  3. Glencairn Mixer Glass Set $22
    These glasses were specifically designed for Canadian Whiskey but work great for any malt.


Gifts that Wow

  1. Carry on Cocktail Kit $20
    Make everyone else on the plane jealous next time you fly with a perfectly made cocktail.
  2. Barrel Stave Bottle Opener $25 
    Uniquely crafted from authentic bourbon barrel staves, a must-have for the home bar.
  3. Picnic Time Manhattan Insulated Two-Bottle Cocktail Case $177.95
    Enjoy Manhattans in the park or on your next camping trip with this classy bar case.



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