Member Spotlight: Candace Roberts

Whisky Chick Spotlight Candace

Meet Candace Roberts

Candace moved back to Louisville five years ago and proclaimed her first year back as being her “year of bourbon”, which included exploring new brands and touring distilleries with her family. Five years later she is still exploring and now believes this may be a lifelong endeavor.

The first Whisky Chicks event that Candace attended was in 2014 at the Brennan House. She had always wanted to see this historic home so Candace and a girlfriend decided to attend. In her own words, “We found this group of diverse women to be fun and welcoming. Two things you don’t find every day, which keeps me coming back.”

Candace continues to invite others to join her, including her 93 year old mother, Helen. If you ever have the chance to meet Helen you will appreciate why she is an inspiration for so many. Age has not slowed her down much, she is right there sitting alongside the 20 somethings experiencing and learning new things about America’s native spirit. Candace and Helen are just one example of how multiple generations of women have come together at a Whisky Chicks event to share the pleasure of good Kentucky Bourbon.

Thanks for being a Whisky Chick, Candace!