Hot Buttered Whisky Recipe

Stay warm with a Hot Buttered Whisky this winter!

Hot Buttered Whisky Recipe

• 1oz Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon
• 1oz scolding hot water
• .5oz sweet vermouth
• 2 dashes of bitters
• 1tbs *spiced butter batter
• whipped cream – to garnish
• cinnamon sugar – to garnish

First prime your mug or teacup by filling it up with hot water. While that sits combine bourbon, sweet vermouth, and bitters into a shaker. Add a heaping tablespoon of *spiced butter batter (ingredients bellow). Then add an ounce of scolding hot water and stir. Dump out the water in the mug and fill with the mix. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. 

* Spiced Butter Batter

• 2 lbs brown sugar
• 1 lbs butter
• 1.5 tbs ground cinnamon
• .5 tsp ground nutmeg
• 1 tsp vanilla extract

Soften butter and combine ingredients. Mix well. Then refrigerate or freeze to store.

Recipe provided by Whitney Vadeboncoeur.