Westport Whiskey Single Barrel Selection



Some would say that selecting a single barrel of bourbon is all fun and games. However, because it is a single barrel, does not mean that each barrel is a tasty treat. The challenge lies behind the highly qualified palates that select the best. In this case, our favorite bourbon connoisseur Chris Zaborowski, has chosen the highest quality standard of hand selected single barrels.

To showcase our friends at Westport Whiskey and Wine, we decided to list their exclusive House Style Single Barrel Selection. Their House Style initiates the highest quality standard of self-indulgent aromatics, from fruit, cream, vanilla and wood spices to rich flavors without astringency; robust and warm but never harsh. When splashed, the flavors will open up all the more. Check out the ultimate selection of single barrel selections.

Old Forester Single Barrel #3262, WW&W Selection,
45% ABV 
750ml $44.99

The color from the barrel has a dark amber. The aroma of wood spice is balanced by vanilla. The woody character carries through in the mouth, with brown sugar, spicy, warm and smooth. We added a bit of water and OMG it opens up to a big bold “honey bomb.” Yummy!

Old Forester Single Barrel #3232, WW&W Selection
45% ABV, 750ml $44.99
The nose is full of dried fruits & vanilla. Once in the mouth it comes across creamy, vanilla, toffee. It is french toast, silky, smooth with a hint of wood on the finish. Grab some soon, this will not last long.


Four Roses Barrel Strength OESK Single Barrel, WW&W Selection,
56.6% ABV 750ml $69.99

At 9 years & 11 months, this whiskey is dark amber in color, with cream, citrus, allspice & pepper in the nose.  In the mouth it was soft & sweet with a warm spicy finish.

Four Roses Barrel Strength Bourbon OESFWW&W Single Barrel Selection
750ml, $69.99

OESF is 75% corn, 20% rye, 5% malted barley. It is 11 yrs old. Rich amber in color with a mint, herbal, poached pear and cinnamon spice aroma. The entry is soft, sweet, clean & bright. The finish has hints of smoked-BBQ, that makes it all the more complex and enjoyable.

                             Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel #674, WW&W Selection
55% ABV, 750ml $56.99

This barrel was 111.4 proof and so close to its final proof at 110, that we knew what we were tasting. And WOW, what we tasted was quite wonderful. The color is dark amber, with a spicy cinnamon aroma, along with toffee, caramel, dried fruit, just really great to nose. The entry shows a bit of wood tannin, but it quickly opens up to a creamy smooth, fruit flavor with a full measure of caramel and hints of burnt sugars.

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel #2236, WW&W Selection
55% ABV, 750ml $56.99

We tasted it at 112 barrel proof, so the final cut to 110 would not be that drastic a difference from the finished product. The color was a rich amber. It was a “cream bomb” on the nose with hints of orange zest. Once in the mouth it was well-balanced, with spicy cream elements. The orange carries through along with hints of bacon fat on a long full finish.

woodford-reserve-double-oaked-webWoodford Reserve Double Oaked, WW&W Single Barrel Selection
45.2% ABV, 750ml, $69.99

Color is a bright, golden amber. The nose is full of fruit from citrus to cherry, with hints of butter cream and toffee. The entry was soft, fruity with only a slight cream taste, then the spice pops. It is, warm, creamy like a fruit pie fresh from the oven. The finish is long, lingering and tempting a return for another taste.

Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit Single Barrel #729, WW&W Selection
51% ABV, 750ml, $56.99
Barrel #729 was put into the barrel on October 17, 2005 and when tasted it was 106.6 proof out of the barrel. The      color was a golden amber. The nose was fruit and cream and very inviting. Full in the mouth, layered with cream and spice, with a long, warm finish. Grab yours, soon!