American Craft Distilling Showcase Event Highlights

Craft distilling in the US is growing at a record breaking pace. There are new products hitting the market every day. As a consumer it can be overwhelming and there are very few opportunities to taste and experience what’s in the bottle without actually buying a bottle. The Whisky Chicks are here to change that!

“You will never know if you don’t try it.” – Mom

We are excited to host our first ever Whisky Chicks American Craft Distilling Tasting Series. We partnered with our favorite local whisk(e)y aficionado, Chris Zaborowski and Westport Whiskey & Wine, to share the trends in amber spirits. The line up included Jeptha Creed, Rabbit Hole, Starlight Distillery, Kentucky Artisan Distillery and Rivulet.

Guests were able to meet the distillers from each location and hear firsthand the stories of how they got to where they are today. Both events were sold out and feedback from attendees was outstanding. For every event we complete a post event survey and are proud that our response rates range from 50-60% (average is less than 15%).

When asked what was their favorite part of the evening we received the following responses:

  • My favorite part was that the individuals behind the brands offered were there not only to talk about their product but they made it personal by sharing their stories of how they started.
  • I enjoyed the enthusiasm of the group, and enjoyed meeting some great “chicks”!
  • Bourbon tastings, need you ask!

Based upon survey results, 100% of those that responded would recommend the Whisky Chicks!

Photos courtesy of Allison Lewis and Terry Steiden