Member Spotlight: Vanessa Pennoyer

Meet Vanessa Pennoyer

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I am a Business Development Executive for HJI Supply Chain Solutions (HJI). My mission is to “Influence Relationships that Inspire an Impact for Change.” Logistics and supply chain management is no easy subject to tackle but it’s the biggest factor for building revenue or budgeting for loss. I specialize an emphasis on Capacity vs. Capability with clients to determine their needs and structure a solution. With a wholesale background in the gift industry, I completely understand the complexity of order/inventory management and the demand of quick reliable service. My role at HJI Supply Chain Solutions (MWBE) company has also opened the opportunity to serve as the Vice President of Membership for NAWBO Kentucky Chapter. “I get excited about women-empowerment and being a resource to connect women in our community.” Whisky Chicks aligns with the mission personally and professionally to complement the big picture.

I’ve been married 10 years and have a daughter, Taylor (9) and a son (17) that’s a senior at St. Xavier. We just moved from Louisville to Frankfort so that I could literally be surrounded by the bourbon industry! I’m now within 10 miles of at least 10 distilleries! We love to ride our Harley through the countryside.

My hobbies include creative writing and I serve as an advocate for suicide prevention initiatives promoting “Say Something Against Addiction”, sharing resources to raise awareness through Facebook. My short story is available for download on Amazon, proceeds given to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

How long have you been a Whisky Chicks member? Member since 2015.

What has been your favorite Whisky Chicks event so far? My favorite event so far has been the day bus tour to Four Roses. The morning started with bourbon coffee and amazing doughnuts. Coffee has never been the same since! Every event is built with a unique and different mindset of hospitality and an experience of value and sincerity. Nothing is cookie-cutter, making every event memorable.

What do you like most about Whisky Chicks? I’ll be a forever Whisky Chick regardless of any job. I lost my best friend 3 years ago and she loved whisky. For me, this is a way and resource to keep her memory alive. I know she’d be proud of my practice and determination to become a Bourbon Badass!