Member Spotlight: Christina Baker

meet christina baker

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I have been 27 years old for well over a decade! I was retired a few years early from the Army due to injuries I sustained while serving abroad. I participate with the VA in numerous programs and volunteer work. I currently serve as Comandante del hogar Baker! On a daily basis, I am wrangling a 3 year old who thinks he is 33 and an early walking nine month old as well as 2 Pomeranians (Tootsilu & Gizmo) and a 2lb 9oz white chihuahua (Tinkerbell). I am married to a wonderful Army Veteran and a literal BOURBON BADASS!

I was raised by a strong Southern Grandmother who never turned away and made anyone in her presence feel like they were the most important person. She was also a phenomenal cook whose special ingredients were; love, kindness, praise, and warm smiles among a few others. I celebrate and honor her memory by incorporating those into my family’s life.

My passions are to open a Bed & Breakfast w/ a Kentucky Bourbon twist and experience, write a memoir of my adventure filled Military career as a female, and start a blog.

How long have you been a Whisky Chicks member?

I have been a Whisky Chicks member for a year or so.

What is your favorite part about Whisky Chicks?

For so many years, I let PTSD control and steal my life. I have used this great organization to resuscitate my original happy and outgoing self. It is still a struggle but when you see me, I have won the battle for that day! So I lift my glass to all of my Whisky Chicks and Dudes and say, “CHEERS! STAY FABULOUS!”