Jim Beam Behind the Scenes Distillery Tour

We began our day in the lobby of the Whisky Chicks Loft with morning refreshments. There were croissants with jams, jellies & butter, cinnamon swirl cake, fruit, spiked apple cider, OJ, and coffee with bourbon creamer. We then began our journey on a luxurious bus, provided by Mint Julep Tours, to the Jim Beam American Stillhouse in Clermont, Kentucky. Upon arrival, we were met by Whisky Ambassador extraordinaire, Beth Burrows, who served as our hostess for the day.

We took an in-depth tour of the distillery that included an opportunity to see Mila Kunis’ very own barrel aging in the rick house, dump a barrel of Knob Creek Single Barrel, and create and take home a bottle of whiskey. If you were willing to pay the extra $49.95, you could wash, fill, label, bottle, wax dip + fingerprint & engrave your own bottle of Knob Creek. We ended with tastings where we were able to sample 3 out of 20+ products and then head to the bourbon bar for a cocktail. We enjoyed a picnic-style lunch on the hill, catered by Kevin’s Picnic, where we sat on blankets and ate delicious sandwiches and wraps, greek salad, and an assortment of cookies and twizzlers.

As part of our visit, we were granted exclusive access to the Beam Global Innovation Center where time-honored traditions are combined with science and technology. We got to see the “white coats” in action as they brought to life some of the most exciting, cutting-edge products in the market, some of which are Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Cruzan Rum, Effen Vodka, Sipsmith Gin & El Tesoro Tequila.

We ended the day in the Jim Beam Gift Shop where we had to the chance to purchase anything in the store (excluding liquor) for 20% off. After shopping, we loaded back on the bus, where Jim Beam provided us with snacks and an airplane shot of Jim Beam Black label for the ride home!