A Brandy Belle in Bourbon Country

Typically, when I tell people what I do for a living I am met with answers dripping with sarcasm. “Oh, what a hard job,” they’ll say. Or, “So you basically drink for a living”. Being a Marketing Manager at a distillery in Louisville, Kentucky most definitely has its #workperks. However, in a state packed full with kickass brands, top notch distilleries and tour experiences, and self-described connoisseurs, getting your message heard through all of that clutter takes imagination and hard work.

My name is Hannah Fisher, and I’m happy to introduce you to bourbon’s elegant, beautiful, older sister American Brandy, which is being distilled here at Copper & Kings American Brandy Company in Butchertown, Louisville, Kentucky. That’s right, we have brought American-style Brandy to Bourbon Country and are doing so with a little bit of attitude and a lot of rock n’ roll.

As the Marketing Manager at Copper & Kings, first and foremost I am always educating and informing our guests about our spirits. We distill beautiful aged and unaged brandies but also absinthe (including a lavender, ginger, and citrus option) and recently a new line of American Craft Gin!

Copper & Kings is so much more than a distillery, it’s a destination. And that’s where I come in! Guests come for the behind-the-scenes tour but stay for the overall experience. In its most basic form, our tour gives patrons an understanding of our distillation process and how it differs from Kentucky Bourbon. And without giving too much away, we also touch on two key company pillars that were instrumental in the development of our brand; sustainability and rock & roll. Come tour with us and you can learn all about it!

Another key component to my job is marketing the distillery as a destination when it comes to food, drink, and event space capabilities. Our newest venture, the Butchertown Pie Company, offers guests sweet and savory handheld pies, floats, and boozy milkshakes 5 days a week in our beautiful courtyard space. It’s already been featured on the Food Network show Cheap Eats! We also have talented bartenders on-site crafting up signature Copper & Kings cocktails for our guests to imbibe. And we’re known to throw a good party or two!

Regardless of what initially brings you to the distillery, it’s my job to ensure that each different experience will always keep you coming back for more.

Enough about me, though. In my next blog I will answer all of your questions like… What are the major differences between Brandy and Bourbon distillation? What on earth is “sonic aging”? Isn’t absinthe illegal?! Until then just remember one thing, Brandy Rocks! Cheers!

UPCOMING EVENT: Our Butchertown Social is Friday, June 9th. Guests will enjoy a traditional South African braai (BBQ) featuring the legendary South African sausage – “boerewors” accompanied by a ”Tjop” (lamb chops) and a “dop” (delicious brandy cocktails), local craft beer, and music by Fela Booty. Get your tickets HERE.