Bourbon Banana Cake

Bourbon Banana Cake

It was another lazy weekend at home. I was feeling a little bored, so I decided to peruse the internet looking for a spark of creativity. There were 4 ripe bananas on the counter and my sweet tooth was calling. I ran across a recipe for Caramelized Banana Upside Cake on Averie Cooks and I was inspired. Since my husband is gluten free, I had to get creative in converting the recipe and there was one important ingredient missing: Bourbon.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray a 9 inch spring form pan with cooking spray.


In the bottom of a 9” spring form pan pour…

3/4 cup of melted butter

2 tablespoons of bourbon

Top with…

3/4 cup brown sugar

3-4 sliced ripe bananas arranged in a single layer

Set aside.


Cream together…

2/3 cup butter softened

2 eggs

1 cup white sugar

Blend in…

1 tablespoon bourbon

4 ounces cream cheese

1/4 cup milk

2 cups of Pamela’s Gluten Free Baking & Pancake Mix

Batter should be light and fluffy. Gently add batter evenly over the top of the bananas.

I recommend placing the spring form pan on a baking sheet in the event of leakage or overflow. Bake at 350 degrees for 40-45 minutes. Should be a golden brown and when you insert a toothpick partially through it comes out clean. Remove from oven and let cool for at least one hour.

Release from spring form pan and invert onto a platter. Carefully take a butter knife around the edge of the bottom of the spring form pan to loosen the base, gently removing from the cake. Cake should resemble a pineapple upside down cake but with bananas. Slice and serve as is or add a bit of bourbon caramel sauce.