2017 Holiday Gift Guide

His & Hers: Sale!

HIS: Old Rip Van Winkle/Pappy’s Plaque Crew Neck – $17.95 + The Whiskey Ball 2-Pack – $9.95 + Maker’s Mark Hat – $14.95 = ONLY $43

HERS: Bourbon Decanter Necklace – ON SALE $14.95 + Glencairn Fleur De Lis Mixer Glass ON SALE Single – $19.95, Set of 2 – $39.95, Sets of 4 & 6 Also Available + Whisky Chicks Hoodie – ON SALE $26.95 = ONLY $62-82

His & Hers: Bourbon Badass

HIS: Bourbon Badass Crew Neck – $24.95 + Bourbon Badass Flask – $19.95 + Bourbon Badass Hat – $19.95 = ONLY $65

HERS: Bourbon Badass V-neck – ON SALE $17.95 / Bourbon Badass Tank – 19.95 + Bourbon Badass Shotglass – $8.95 + ‘How to Be a Bourbon Badass’ Book – preorder $24 = ONLY $51-53


NEW! Whisky Chicks V-Necks

‘Bourbon Not Just For Boys’ V-neck – $19.95

‘The Whisk(e)y Is For Me Not Him’ V-neck – $19.95

NEW! Glencairn Jewelry

Glencairn Cufflinks  – $30

Glencairn Earrings – $30

Glencairn Bracelet – $35

Glencairn Lapel Pin – $9.95

Glencairn Key Chain – $9.95


Happy Holidays from our Sponsors


Stave & Thief Certified Bourbon Steward Training Course – $125 (REGISTER HERE)

Knowledge breeds confidence, and what better way to gain confidence than by becoming a Stave & Thief Society’s Certified Bourbon Steward? This hands-on 3 hour training will guide you through the basics of bourbon, including a bit of history, how and where bourbon is made and what makes bourbon unique from other whiskies.

All participants will receive a Bourbon Badass Tasting Manual and a Bourbon Badass official rocks glass. Each participant will also receive a copy of the Certified Bourbon Steward Handbook that includes an online access code for your final exam. Upon completion you will receive a Stave & Thief Certified Bourbon Steward lapel pin so you can proudly show off your new found knowledge.


Give the gift of a unique, authentic experience.

Peerless Caliber Collection – $150 Signed bottle of Peerless Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey, Box of Exclusive Peerless Chocolates, Peerless Tour & Tasting Experience for 2, Customizable Card

Peerless Caliber Experience – $250 Signed bottle of Peerless Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey, Tasting Set (Includes Tasting Tray, 2 Stemless Glencairn Glasses and Water Droppers), Box of Exclusive Peerless Chocolates, Peerless Tour & Tasting Experience for 4, Customizable Card

The Ultimate Gift Collection Private Barrel Selection, 225 Signed Bottles, VIP Access to Peerless Tour & Tasting Experience, Chosen Barrel


Single Flavor Truffles – Signature Truffles, pairing fine spirits & chocolates

Samplers & Collections – Truffle Collections & Candy Assortments

Alcohol-Free Treats – Alcohol-free confections where spirits are either cooked out or never used

Gifts – Books, spices, gift sets and other items.


Traditional Tour & Tasting – $12

Whether you’re a Bourbon enthusiast or looking for something exciting to do in the city, come for a taste of Bourbon’s rich history. You’ll step back in time to 1783 and experience life and distilling as it was in the early days of the Republic.
The guided tour features an operating Artisanal Distillery where you will not only learn the process for making Bourbon, but you will see it being made right before your eyes. The tour also includes premium Bourbon tastings and concludes in our Retail Shop where you can take home an array of signature items, including a personalized bottle of Evan Williams.

Speakeasy Tasting Experience Taste a premium selection of Bourbon in the old-style saloon.

Sweet & Neat Tasting – Discover why chocolate and whiskey are a match made in Heaven!


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