I was a born and raised Kentuckian, and bourbon has always been a part of every family celebration and gathering. Social norms about drinking were less strict back then and legend has it I had my first cocktail at the age of three. No, seriously! I would sneak sips of my mom’s whiskey sours when she wasn’t looking. By the age of 6 I became skilled at mixing highballs for company, made with Very Old Barton and ginger ale . And of course, hot toddies cured all our ailments. Things have changed since then but one thing remains the same, bourbon brings people together.

It took my Yankee husband moving to Kentucky and getting into the bourbon culture for me to reignite my curiosity. I guess I had taken it for granted, and seeing it through his eyes exhilarated me and my zeal for whiskey. As I started to move through this bourbon world, I started to learn more about the people in the industry. The history of the distilleries. The personalities of the distillers. The folklore and facts that make this industry so gritty and beautiful. This wealth of knowledge deepened my appreciation for what we find in the bottle. Whiskey is a real spirit. And I wanted to share it with real women, through real experiences.

This is my story, but we have 1000’s of Whisky Chicks and Dudes that have their own stories, and they’d love to share them with you, over a cocktail! Come on over, we’d love to pour you a drink and hear your bourbon tales.