SAP56 Canadian Whisky

According to the World Whiskies Awards, SAP56 Canadian Whisky was named Canada’s Best in the Flavored Whiskey category for 2021. SAP56 is the product of grade A maple syrup and exquisitely aged Canadian whisky. Crafted using traditional techniques and steeped in a deep-rooted tradition and heritage, SAP56 embodies the origins of maple sugaring (sugar shacks as the Canadians call them) and high-quality whisky.

Adam Duhamel, owner, and creator of SAP56 Canadian Whisky shared his passion, “For me, the greatest memories of my childhood are when my dear family friends would bring me to their sugar shack. I felt so privileged to be able to contribute and have so much fun making the maple syrup. It was unforgettable.”  In a blind tasting, Adam can easily pick out which maple syrup he selected for his recipe vs any other Quebec maple syrup on the market.
Guests received a beautifully crafted whisky glass gift set from our host, SAP56 Canadian Whisky, and in-person brunch at LouVino Douglass Hills. Along with a welcome cocktail and deliciously paired brunch menu of LouVino Fall favorites, Friendship Facilitators connected face to face and via Zoom from across the country. Out of town guests received SAP56 samples, the whisky glass set and Najla’s Snickerdoodles with SAP56 glaze shipped directly to them.