Member Spotlight: Chrissy Martin

Meet Chrissy Martin

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I am currently in school studying to be a Certified Whiskey Sommelier through the Whiskey Marketing School in Austin, Texas. My blog, now a year old, is called A Lil’ Dab of Bourbon, where I write about my two passions cooking & bourbon. I take everyday & old family recipes and find ways to incorporate bourbon into them. I have also been an online contributor for Bourbon & Banter and Bourbon Zeppelin for about a year. I submit bourbon reviews, recipes, give food pairing ideas and of course share my bourbon adventures.

How long have you been a Whisky Chicks Member?

With living out of town, I have been a Whisky Chicks Member less than a year.

What is your favorite part about Whisky Chicks?

One thing I realized when I moved to Kansas City 3 years ago is how difficult it is to meet other adult women (especially those who like bourbon). For me, my favorite part of Whisky Chicks is that it feels like home. I get to interact & mingle with strong like-minded women who want to learn about bourbon and make new friends. I love being surrounded by Women Bourbon Bad Asses whenever I come back to Kentucky!