Member Spotlight: Hayley Hoback & Haley Routt

Meet Hayley Hoback & Haley Routt

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Hayley Hoback: When I am not sipping a cocktail with the Whisky Chicks, I am working as the PR & Marketing Associate at Peerless Distilling Co., which is a family owned and operated craft distillery in Louisville. We make rye whiskey and bourbon and it is my job to tell people about it! I do so by giving tours, writing press releases, going to events, or anything in between. I also love hanging out with my 4-year-old bearded dragon, Henry.

Haley Routt: You can usually find me at Peerless Distilling Co. spreading the word about our amazing company that’s about to make a big splash in the Whiskey industry. I am the Marketing Associate who wears many hats, from giving tours, hosting or attending events, and most importantly spreading our one-of-a-kind story! You can also find me with friends and family around the Louisville area, looking for new restaurants or bars to try out!

How long have you been a Whisky Chicks Member?

Hayley Hoback: As much as I hate to admit it, I am a novice when it comes to Whisky Chicks or even to drinking whiskey! I have only been a member since August 2016.

Haley Routt:  I have had the privilege of being apart of Whisky Chicks for about 2 years now and have been loving every minute of it!

How many Whisky Chicks events have you been to?

Hayley Hoback: I have only been to 3 Whisky Chicks events so far.

Haley Routt: I have been to 4 Whisky Chick events and many more to come!

What is your favorite part about Whisky Chicks?

Hayley Hoback: I love the Whisky Chicks’ unapologetic demeanor towards women ruling the whiskey world and being simply badass while doing so. Being a woman in the bourbon industry isn’t as easy as you would think sometimes. Having this organization brings light to the fact that women can be just as knowledgeable (if not more) as men on the topic of whiskey and everything that falls under it.

Haley Routt: My favorite part about Whisky Chicks is that they let women take a shot at the whiskey industry and then help show how badass we are at it! It is no secret that this industry is predominately men. The Whisky Chicks are providing women with the chance to show their knowledge and strength on whiskey that can be more empowering for women than for men.