Helen’s Bucket Juleps

Whisky Chicks members range in age from 21 to 94 years old. From the college student to the soccer mom to the great grandmother, we welcome women of all ages, backgrounds & demographics.

Helen is our oldest member. She first moved to Morehead, Kentucky with her husband and family from Cincinnati in 1971. This Lemonade Mint Julep Recipe was adapted from a neighbor in Morehead around 1972. It’s been a Derby and party favorite since then because it can serve a crowd. Whenever they had a Derby Party, this was the star of the show.

What You Need

1 Stainless steel pail/bucket (stainless steel is food-safe, unlike galvanized). Find one that can hold at least 13 quarts.

1 Ladle, or scooping device

2 Gallons of ice

1 Can of frozen lemonade

A fifth of bourbon

Fresh mint (enough to add to the bucket, as well as to garnish glasses)

Mesh or cheesecloth

Twist tie, rubber band or string

Enough glasses for each guest

Straw and/or stirrer (optional)

Lemonade Mint Julep Recipe

1. Put 2 gallons of crushed ice in bucket.

2. Take one handful of mint leaves and place in a piece of mesh or cheesecloth, tied up with twist tie, rubber band or string.

3. Place bag of mint on table and whap a few times with ladle to release the mint oils. Throw mesh bag in bucket.

4. Add one 12 oz. can of frozen lemonade to ice.

5. Fill lemonade can twice with water and add to bucket.

6. Add a fifth of bourbon.

7. Mix well.

8. Take turns swishing bucket (a fun group effort!). Allow frost to form on outside of bucket, about 15 minutes.

9. Ladle drink and ice mixture into glasses.

10. Add mint sprig for garnish.