New to the Team

Hey y’all! I’m Nancy Bohn, the Marketing Coordinator for the Whisky Chicks. I just recently graduated from the University of Kentucky (Go Cards! – and no, that is not a typo) in May 2016. So as you can probably imagine, I am still getting used to this thing people call adulting. It’s going pretty good so far – minus living in my parents’ basement – but I’m saving money and enjoying life, so thanks mom and dad!

My favorite things to do are working out and eating out, so you could say I try to live a balanced lifestyle…cardio and craft beer is where it’s at. I love anything and everything Kentucky, especially when it comes to Louisville. Some people may even say I am obsessed, but I can’t help that local is better! I have always loved bourbon and it has truly been my drink of choice since (before) I was of legal drinking age. It all started with Kentucky Gentlemen, but thankfully I have since moved on from that glorious brand to more mature ones…some of my favorites being Rabbit Hole, Old Forester & Bulleit.

Because of this hometown pride and my love of the amber spirit, it only made since for me to work within an industry that was unique to Kentucky: the Bourbon Industry. Luckily I landed a job with Linda, founder and owner of the Whisky Chicks and an extraordinary boss and mentor, who helped me take my first steps into a big girl job and down a career path that I never want to leave.

I do not consider myself to be a bourbon expert, although I did pass my Stave & Thief Bourbon Steward Certification from Moonshine University, so that has to count for something, right? I learn something new every day and have already had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people and bourbon celebrities in my short time in this field. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you at some point, taking my bourbon knowledge to a new level and writing a few blog posts along the way.