Whisky Chicks Strut Jeffersonville

We know you love a good pub crawl, but Whisky Chicks don’t crawl, we strut!

We joined with 4 local bars/restaurants in downtown Jeffersonville, Indiana to host the fall Whisky Chicks Strut. Fifty women of all different ages, demographics & backgrounds (but with matching t-shirts!) strutted from location to location to enjoy a signature cocktail and specialty appetizers at each location. Tickets included a t-shirt, 3 cocktails and appetizers.

Afterwards, we made our way to Portage House for post-strut drinks specials.

This event was sponsored by Rabbit Hole Distilling. We thank them for all their hard work and for providing the strut t-shirts & swag!

Thank you to our participating locations:

Pearl Street Taphouse

Cocktail: Log Cabin Old Fashioned made with Rabbit Hole Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Appetizers: Bratwurst with spicy mustard, Salami + provolone rollups


Cocktail: Green Chartreuse Cocktail made with Rabbit Hole Rye Whiskey

Appetizers: Breaksticks + garlic, marinara & cheese sauces, Baked Ravioli, Bruschetta

Match Cigar Bar

Cocktail: Pour of Rabbit Hole Bourbon Finished in a Px Sherry Cask

Appetizers: Dark chocolate, Benedictine + Bagel Crisps

Portage House

Cocktail: Coffee Liqueur made with Rabbit Hole Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey