In Search of Unicorns

Unicorns are amazing, hard to catch or simply, a very rare find; literally “too good to be true.” Like Whisky Chicks, strong, kick-ass women taking the whisk(e)y industry by storm through unique bourbon-centric events with one of a kind, fun and engaging experiences.

This event celebrated Whisky Chicks and the Unicorn Bourbon, the rare finds with insights, cocktails and friendship engagements.

Everyone brought their stories and unicorn tales to this virtual event! Be it annual releases, limited editions, contest winning brands or vintage products – supply and demand turn “bourbon from the barrel” to “unicorn bourbon” in the market.

It was a great time with Linda’s creative cocktails presented and shared by WC Christina and MJ, as well as Whisky Chick in the Kitchen Laura’s UniCorn Elote . Great tips from Whisky Chick Hallee & Jenn in “Hunting Unicorns.”